Laudame Financials stands for quality

All our services are focused on finding the best possible match for our clients. After all, a good match is the basis for a long-term relationship. Accordingly, we invest a great deal of time and energy in getting to know the financial professionals personally and in consulting with our clients. We take the time needed to identify and define their wishes and requirements as clearly as possible.

In order to guarantee the type of quality we stand for, our processes are structured to ensure that all the relevant persons are involved in the daily operational processes. Due care and flexibility are essential for giving financial professionals as well as companies the kind of quality they deserve. It should therefore come as no surprise that we are certified in accordance with the ISO9001:2008 and NEN 4400-1 sets of standards. 


This standard sets down requirements with regard to the quality management system of an organization and the manner in which the organization deals with quality related policy. The organization must demonstrate an ongoing commitment to client satisfaction by complying with the requirements and wishes of the client and with the legal rules & regulations that apply to the product or service provided by the organization. In addition, the organization must be able to effectively control its operational processes and demonstrate that this is the case.

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NEN 4400-1

The NEN 4400-1 standard was established to eliminate fraud in the area of staffing services and outsourcing services. The standard was formulated on the basis of specifications prepared by the staffing and contract staffing sector in cooperation with the clients served by that sector. Laudame Financials is NEN 4400 certified and is therefore listed in the register of the Dutch Association for Employment Standards (Stichting Normering Arbeid: SNA).

By bearing the quality mark of the Association for Employment Standards, SNA certified staffing agencies and (sub) contractors also guarantee that their (employee) administrative records comply with the relevant standards, that they pay the required amounts of wage taxes and/or turnover tax in a timely fashion and that their employees are entitled to carry out work in the Netherlands. This quality mark ensures that their clients do not run the risk of being liable for wage taxes and/or turnover tax that has not been properly deducted and paid out or for high penalties for working with persons who are not entitled to work in the Netherlands, whose identity has not been properly determined, or who have assumed a false identity.

In short, companies registered with the Association for Employment Standards are reliable partners for companies who wish to hire temporary employees and/or outsource work activities.

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