Focus on talent development

Knowledge is the rationale for Laudame Financials' existence. It is therefore only logical that we are continually expanding our knowledge base in order to maintain our position of strength and secure the continuity of our business.

Knowledge management is a key policy component at Laudame Financials, and we make ongoing investments in knowledge development and sharing as well as in the development of our employees' personal skills and competences. Accordingly, they participate in several trainings per year to expand and deepen their knowledge base. This not only encourages their personal growth and development but also optimizes the quality of our services.

In addition to these trainings, which generally focus on the development of personal skills, Laudame Financials also encourages its employees to develop their professional talents further. Depending upon their individual academic background, many of them follow a post HBO (Dutch higher professional education), (pre) Master or post Master programme in the field of accounting and control.

Several times a year, an external speaker is invited with specific expertise in a discipline relevant for Laudame Financials and its clients. This is only one of the many ways that Laudame's professionals remain updated on current developments in their field. It also provides them with insights that can be valuable in further working on their own development.

Coaching and peer supervision

As a knowledge driven organization, Laudame Financials also aims to ensure that its professionals learn from each other and can count on each other's support with regard to substantive professional issues. Accordingly, junior starting professionals at Laudame can share their experiences during peer group review sessions, and more experienced Laudame financial professionals act as a coach and help desk for junior colleagues. The exchange of relevant information is also encouraged during evening sessions devoted to professional topics. During such a session, staff members prepare a substantive topic beforehand in which they are specialized, and then provide a presentation for their colleagues.