The approach of Laudame

Recruitment process

Laudame Financials has adopted a policy of assigning the entire intermediation process to the recruitment consultant. This means that the recruitment consultant can become thoroughly familiar with the client, maintain contact with all the relevant persons, and remain updated regarding any new client developments. 


The depth and level of the intake interview will depend upon previous orders and the resulting in-house knowledge regarding the department/client concerned. In addition, a significant amount of time will be invested in defining and describing the position itself and the related tasks, responsibilities and authorities. The desired competences which the candidate must possess, including training, specific experience and personal characteristics, will also be focused on. And last but not least, the relevant terms and conditions of employment will be discussed. The goal of all this is to define the requirements as precisely as possible and, on that basis, to provide the best possible match.

Intake and presentation

Laudame Financials invests a great deal of time in the interviews held with potential candidates. These focus not only on the candidate's past work experience but also on the personal characteristics of the candidate. Laudame Financials will present a candidate only if it is completely convinced that the candidate is a good match with the company as well as the position in question.