About Laudame

About Laudame

Passion and commitment are scarce items ......

....... and that's why Laudame Financials is in business. We can satisfy your needs for financial professionals in the area of accounting, finance and controlling, in particular via the secondment, recruitment and/or selection of committed financial professionals.

Our interim financials have the necessary expertise and experience and can be quickly deployed where and when you need them: for a transitional period, a complex assignment or peak workloads. Our aim is to always ensure a perfect match. As we are familiar with our interims as well as your own organization, we know exactly which person will fit in best with a particular assignment. Our people not only bring a significant amount of professional baggage with them, they will also fit very well into your business culture. All of them are added-value professionals, and we treat them as such!

Our main strength and company asset is our pool of trained interim professionals, as they enable us to deliver what we promise: the best possible quality of financial services. Of course, we also invest a great deal of time and energy in developing a personal relationship with financial professionals and clients. We take the necessary time to clearly define your wishes and requirements from the start. As we ourselves are also financially trained professionals, we know exactly what kind of knowledge base, skills set and mentality you are looking for. Our high professional standards ensure that we provide our clients with high-quality services quickly and efficiently.

We are also well placed to provide you with Search & Selection services. Recruiting and selecting high-quality financial professionals is one of our specialties. We use our in-house expertise to successfully fill financial vacancies for a wide range of clients. We are serious about personal attention and details, towards the candidate as well as the client. Our aim is simply to serve as an effective and flexible link between talented, skilled people and organizations with the passion to excel.