Project control and cost control


In those sectors in which Laudame Financials is active, our clients often work within the framework of projects. These projects often have very large budgets, and effective Project Control and Cost Control and therefore of critical importance. This covers aspects that fall under the management aspects of time, money, quality, information and organization.

Over the last several years, by focusing on Project Control and Cost Control and investing in relevant knowledge acquisition, Laudame Financials has acquired a great deal of in-house expertise in this area. As a result, we have become the partner of choice for many of our clients in this area. We not only monitor projects to ensure compliance with budget and time constraints but also work within a multidisciplinary framework when it comes to adjusting and updating project parameters.

The best proof that our approach is the right one is the fact that clients are increasingly approaching us with requests for interim assignments in this area of expertise. Besides carrying out orders for a great many clients in recent years in the area of operational Project Control and Cost Control implementation, we have also frequently provided consultancy services in this area of professional expertise.

After analyzing the existing organization and the specific needs of the client, our interim financial professionals can provide advice regarding the optimum structure for the organization, based on their extensive expertise and experience. If desired, they can also assist with the implementation of the necessary changes and guidance of the change process.